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2018 WCCC Graduation Reminders!

Here is a list of reminders for all graduates, non-graduates, family and friends:

Caps & Gowns are currently in Student Services waiting for you to come pick them up. Please get them ASAP so that you can take them out of the plastic and hang them to help get some of the wrinkles out.  If you need more invitations we still have some left.

  1. If you need any reserved parking (handicapped) or seating please contact Anne Donahue in Student Services quickly so that she can plan on your accommodations.
  2. Graduation Rehearsal is on Thursday, May 17th at 3:00 starting in the Assembly Room.
  3. Awards Banquet will be at 4:00 in the Gymnasium, located in Saint Croix Hall, following the rehearsal.
  4. Graduation Day line-up and last minute information/details will begin at 10:00 in the Assembly Room.  People you have invited should go directly to Calais High School to get their seats.
  5.  If you have further questions please call Student Services at (207) 454-1000

2018 WCCC Student of the Year

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