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Culinary and Baking Contact

Weibley Dean
Culinary & Baking Instructor
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Culinary and Baking Equipment List

Students must have required equipment on the first day of classes.

  1. Minimum of two (2) full outfits to include:
    • Two (2) pairs of black and white checked pants
    • Four (4) chef’s jackets
    • Two (2) hats
    • Two (2) aprons
  2. For service area:
    • Slip resistant shoes (of good quality, comfortable shoes) leather
    • Black skirt/ladies (optional)
    • Black pants/gentlemen
    • Black bow tie
    • One white dress shirt
  3. Knives – “The chef’s most important tool” – choose high quality carbon steel
    • 8” French knife or chef’s knife
    • Paring knife
    • Boning knife
  4. Sharpening steel
  5. Plastic tool box with lock
  6. Basic cake decorating (including five (5) basic tips and canvas pastry bags) or disposable
  7. One (1) bi-thermometer – easy read
  8. One (1) vegetable peeler
  9. One (1) digital camera
  10. In order for the class to be accepted in the business world on our many field trips, a blazer (type of sport or suit jacket in tan, navy or gray) is required.

Students accepted in the Culinary and Baking program at Washington County Community College are expected to have certain equipment prior to starting school. The equipment previously listed should be of top quality, but does not have to be a particular brand or brand new. If a student has any questions about this matter, contact your instructor Weibley Dean. You are expected to bring your equipment to school on opening day. Books, uniforms, and supplies can be purchased through WCCC's Bookstore. Uniforms may also be purchased at Marlene's Uniform, Hogan Road behind MacDonald's in Bangor, ME.

Approximate cost: $265.00

 Updated: 5/23/2013


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