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Alternative Credit Fees

WCCC recognizes that learning may be realized through a number of means. The evaluation of learning acquired outside a standard collegiate setting may be obtained through portfolio assessment, standardized examinations, WCCC course challenge examinations, and independent study.

Credit by Examination Fee
A $25 fee is charged to all students who attempt to “test out” of a course by taking a WCCC Course Challenge Exam.

Portfolio Assessment Fee
WCCC-administered portfolio assessment and/or course challenge examinations usually take significant amounts of administrative time and paperwork. The recording fee for prior learning evaluation is based on 20 percent of WCCC’s credit hour charge in effect on July 1 of each year, with a minimum fee equal to one credit hour. The charges are calculated as follows:
Example: Credit Hour Load = 18 hours
First Credit Hour = $86.00
17 credit hours x 17.20 = $292.40
Total Charge = $378.40

Directed/Independent Study Fee
Directed/independent study is available to students at WCCC under certain circumstances. A 50 percent surcharge will be assessed per credit hour for directed study courses. Per credit hour charge is calculated as follows:
2011-2012 credit hour charge = $86.00 + (50%) $43=$129.00 per credit
Surcharge (50 percent of credit hour charge) = $41.00
Total per credit hour charge = $123.00

Experiential Credit Fee
Experiential credit is available for students who have prior work experience directly related to a discipline area of a program’s internship, cooperative or practicum credit course. The fee associated with this credit assessment is the standard recording fee for prior learning evaluation based on 20 percent of the WCCC credit hour charge.
$86 + (20 percent of $86.00/credit hour x 3 credits = $51.60

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