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Liberal Studies Contact

Rose Binda
Liberal Studies Instructor
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Liberal Studies

Associate in Arts - 61 or 62 credit hours

Purpose:  The Liberal Studies program is designed to provide a foundation of study that prepares students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The curriculum is built on a foundation of general education and electives to develop depth in the background knowledge required for further study. In some cases, where an Associate Degree is an employer’s defined minimum credential, the degree serves as a terminal degree for employment.

The program includes a minimum of 60 credits of course work with 31 of the credits comprising a required core of courses and 29 of the credits comprising selected electives transferable to the student’s desired baccalaureate program of study.

Career Opportunities:  Employment and occupational outlook studies continue to show the value of post-secondary education to a person’s career opportunities and earning potential. Many employers look upon the Associate Degree as a minimum requirement for skilled occupations. In addition, the Associate Degree can serve as a platform of accomplishment for pursuing additional education and career goals.

Program Educational Outcomes:  Upon completion of the Associate in Arts Degree in the Liberal Studies program, the graduate is prepared to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge in writing, speaking, science, mathematics, computer literacy, the humanities, critical thinking, problem solving, and human-relations in both the professional and personal sphere.
  2. Transfer credits earned through completion of the Liberal Studies program to a baccalaureate program at a four-year institution.
  3. Pursue technical programs that meet his/her abilities, needs and desires.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking skills that enhance employment opportunities and earning potential.
  5. Enter the workforce, as many employers look upon the Associate Degree as the minimum requirement for skilled occupations.

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