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Transfer Students

Students may transfer to WCCC credits earned at other accredited colleges prior to the beginning of the program, providing that the credits applied have been earned within the past ten years. WCCC is the final judge regarding acceptance of transfer credits. The responsibility rests with students to furnish the registrar’s office with (1) an official copy of each college transcript and (2) a copy of the catalog from each college at which courses were taken if the college is not located in Maine. Every effort will be made to issue transfer credit prior to the beginning of classes.

Courses with grades of “C” or better that are judged by WCCC to be equivalent in nature and content to the college’s course offerings will be transferred; however, examinations may be required to show competency of subject material. Transferred course grades will appear on the WCCC transcript but will not be used in computing the student’s WCCC grade point average.

A student must earn a minimum of 35 percent of his/her certificate, diploma, or degree credits in residence and these credits must be earned within five years of the date of application for graduation. When a decision regarding transferability of credits is unacceptable, the student may appeal, in writing, to the academic dean.

Students desiring to transfer credits earned at WCCC to another post-secondary institution can expect courses to be evaluated on an individual basis by that institution. Approval for the transfer of credits from WCCC to another college rests with the receiving institution.

Does WCCC admit transfer students?
A limited number of transfers are admitted each year.

Will my credits transfer to WCCC?
The Office of Admissions will provide transfer candidates with an estimate regarding credit transfer at the time of admission. An official evaluation will follow after updated transcripts have arrived at Student Records and been appraised by the appropriate departments.

Does WCCC offer financial aid to transfer students?
Aid funds for transfer students may be limited.

Applicants for financial aid must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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