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General and Service Fees

All fees listed are non-refundable and are based on full-time attendance, unless otherwise indicated. Charges for students who attend less than full-time will vary depending upon the number of credits the student is taking.

Admission Deposit
A $75 admission deposit is required upon enrollment in college. The deposit is applied to the student’s first semester charges.

Comprehensive Fee
The comprehensive fee is 10 percent of the total credit hour tuition. This fee supports various student and administrative services at the college.

Student Document Fee
The student document fee of $10 is charged annually and supports the cost of student IDs and transcripts.

Parking Fee
The parking fee is $1 per credit hour and is charged to all WCCC students. The parking fee is used to support maintenance of the college’s roads and parking areas.

Student Senate Activity Fee
A $25 activity fee is charged to all WCCC students. This fee supports activities that are sponsored, planned, or promoted by the Student Senate for the benefit of all WCCC students.

Recreation Fee
A $25 recreation fee is charged to all students each semester. The proceeds of the recreation fee are administered by the student services department and are used to purchase and maintain recreational equipment for students to use, to defray expenses of student awards programs, and to assist in funding other activities for student recreational purposes. Students who have suggestions for recreational purposes, initiation of clubs, or other activities are encouraged to contact the Student Support Services counselor for assistance in funding. A $20 summer recreation fee is charged to all students enrolled in the summer semester. The summer recreation fee is administered by the director of residential life.

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Fee
All full-time students (minimum 12 credits per semester) are required to carry accident and sickness insurance. The current yearly fee is $745 for full-time students. For students who start in the spring semester the cost is $469. This insurance provides coverage through the end of the academic year. The fee may be waived upon receipt of proof of private insurance coverage.

Liability Insurance Fee
Liability insurance coverage is required for all students participating in courses which require practicum experience. The fee is $22.00 per course. This coverage is in addition to student accident and sickness insurance.

Graduation Fee
A $75 graduation fee is charged to all graduating students. This fee supports activities that are planned by the graduation committee for the benefit of all WCCC students and helps defray the costs of caps and gowns, academic awards, announcements, and the graduation reception. The fee is required of all graduating students regardless of whether the student plans to attend commencement.

License Fees
A fee is charged in certain programs requiring licensing exams. The license fee includes any required certification fees. This fee is determined annually by the appropriate licensing agencies. When the student’s account has been paid in full, the certification fee will be remitted to the licensing agency.

Transcript Fees
There is a $10 charge for all on-demand transcripts.

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