Privacy Statement

According to Federal Law all colleges are required to provide you with a statement on the Notification of Rights under FERPA for Postsecondary Institutions. This act protects your rights to keep your personal information confidential. WCCC requires that the written permission be obtained from you before we release your educational records to specific parties. If you desire to have your educational records accessed by a third party, please complete the enclosed student consent form. Our intent is to protect the privacy of students with regard to access of records and release of such records, and to provide the opportunity to challenge such records should they be inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate. Copies of the specific WCCC policy can be found in the catalog, student handbook and from the Student Services Office.  Directory information includes name, address, field of study, honors, telephone number, academic credentials earned (including dates), and dates of attendance. If you would like to keep your directory information private please contact Student Services for the appropriate form.

Current Federal Law requires that all colleges release information to military recruiters upon their request. WCCC fully complies with this law, any questions about its validity and purpose should be directed to your local congressional representatives.

Under the Student Right to Know Law, colleges are required to provide students with a current Rate of Graduation. WCCC has calculated this rate to be 60%. Thus 60% of students who entered in the fall of 2002 went on to complete their selected credentials. WCCC does not currently calculate a transfer out rate (those students who leave to enter another college) due to our lack of verifiable attendance. If you have any further questions concerning this rate please contact Student Services.