Campus News

WCCC to Hold Winter Break Adventure Camp

February 9, 2018
Adventure is worthwhile in itself,” said Amelia Earhart, referring to the pleasure gained by the experience of something new and exciting. While the winter climate can be an impediment to some outdoor activities, there are many other options that those of us in Eastern Maine can partake in. Youth between… Read More

WCCC Invites Community to Polar Bear “Dip Through the Decades”

February 7, 2018
The annual Polar Bear Dip, organized each year by Washington County Community College’s Student Senate, is an event of unique character. Scores of participants dressed in often vibrant outfits race into the icy waters of Passamaquoddy Bay, creating a spectacle for those in attendance and symbolically concluding the largest fundraiser… Read More

DECU President Joe Moses Reflects on Time at WCCC

January 22, 2018
  Sometimes, the path to the future we desire for ourselves is not a straight one, but instead it becomes filled with unexpected opportunities and challenges, each of which takes us into seemingly different directions. Such was the case for Joe Moses, who would spend seven years acquiring his associate’s… Read More

WCCC Rock Climbing Competition an All-Around Success

December 21, 2017
At Washington County Community College, many of its programs are specifically designed to offer students a hands-on learning experience to enable them to transition their academic learning to real world applications. Four students from the Adventure Recreation program recently had that opportunity when they planned, organized, and conducted a rock… Read More

Jingle Bell Rock Climbing Competition to be Held at WCCC

December 4, 2017
The oncoming winter in Maine is a signal for some to withdraw into their homes and hibernate, but the students of Washington County Community College’s Adventure Recreation program are urging community residents to fight that compulsion and remain active. One method of doing so is by participating in a rock… Read More

Boys Basketball Tournament to Raise Funds for Rec Center

November 30, 2017
The Recreation Center in Calais is one of the assets of the community, and scarcely a week goes by that a sports event or party of some kind is not held in the building. Unfortunately, the older building is in need of basic repairs to keep it in the kind… Read More

WCCC Collecting Toys for Local Children

November 29, 2017
The holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year to be away from home or to be experiencing a challenging family environment, especially for children. Some of the most vulnerable children in the community are being cared for at Sunrise Opportunities in Machias or at AMHC in… Read More

WCCC Students Making Christmas Boxes for Veterans

November 17, 2017
More than any other time of year, the holiday season is one that reminds us of the importance of togetherness and sharing in the bounty of what we have. The students of Washington County Community College’s Supervisory Management class are working to raise funds and items to put together to… Read More

WCCC’s JMG Collecting Donations for PAWS Cats

November 17, 2017
Located in Calais, PAWS – which stands for Protection of Animals Wandering the Streets – is constantly working to take in unwanted cats and dogs, along with numerous other activities related to supporting members of the community seeking to care for their beloved animal companions. While PAWS is always in… Read More

Young Women Get Hands-on with Nontraditional Trades at WCCC

November 7, 2017
While there continues to be some progress in the social acceptance of women’s equality, the gender gap is still in evident abundance – particularly when it comes to high-paying trades that have traditionally been filled by men. At Washington County Community College on October 27th, a daylong event called Totally… Read More