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General Information for All Bidders

Notice to Vendors and Bidders:

Standard Terms and Conditions Applicable to All MCCS Contracts

The following standard contracting terms and conditions are incorporated and shall become a part of any final contract that will be awarded by any college or other operating unit of the Maine Community College System (collectively “MCCS”).  These terms and conditions derive from the public nature and limited resources of the MCCS.  MCCS DOES NOT AGREE TO:

  1. Provide any defense, hold harmless or indemnity;
  2. Waive any statutory or constitutional immunity;
  3. Apply the law of a state other than Maine;
  4. Procure types or amounts of insurance beyond those MCCS already maintains or waive any rights of subrogation;
  5. Add any entity as an additional insured to MCCS policies of insurance;
  6. Pay attorneys’ fees; costs, including collection costs; expenses or liquidated damages;
  7. Promise confidentiality in a manner contrary to Maine’s Freedom of Access Act;
  8. Permit an entity to change unilaterally any term or condition once the contract is signed;
  9. Automatic renewals for term(s) greater than month-to-month;
  10. Limitations on MCCS’ recovery of lawful damages incurred as a result of breach of the contract;
  11. Limitation of the time period under which claims can be made or actions brought arising from the contract;
  12. Vendor’s terms prevailing over MCCS’ standard terms and conditions, including addenda; and
  13. Unilateral modifications to the contract by the vendor.


  1. The above standard terms and conditions are thereby incorporated into any agreement entered into between MCCS and your entity; that such terms and condition shall control in the event of any conflict with such agreement; and that your entity will not propose or demand any contrary terms;
  1. The above standard terms and conditions will govern the interpretation of such agreement notwithstanding the expression of any other term and/or condition to the contrary;
  1. Your entity will not propose to any college or other operating unit of the MCCS any contractual documents of any kind that are not in at least 11-point black font on a white background and completely contained in one Word or PDF document, and that any references to terms and conditions, privacy policies or any other conditions referenced outside of the contract will not apply; and
  1. Your entity will identify at the time of submission which, if any, portion or your submitted materials are entitled to “trade secret” exemption from disclosure under Maine’s Freedom of Access Act; that failure to so identify will authorize MCCS to conclude that no portions are so exempt; and that your entity will defend, indemnify and hold harmless MCCS in any and all legal actions that seek to compel MCCS to disclose under Maine’s Freedom of Access Act some or all of your submitted materials and/or contract, if any, executed between MCCS and your entity.

Request for Quotation for 14 Passenger Van -Closes October 13, 2023

Washington County Community College is investigating the cost to purchase a 14-Passenger Van.

WCCC RFQ WC2411 Information Sheet-14 Passenger Van

Request for Quotation for Used Heavy Duty Service Truck -Closes September 15, 2023

Washington County Community College is investigating the cost to purchase a 2018-2023 Ford F550 Super Duty Truck.

WCCC RFQ WC2409 Information Sheet-CDL Class B Heavy Duty Truck