Mechanical Technology

Associate in Applied Science- 61 credit hours
Certificate – 32 credit hours

Program Information & Course List

Tool List

Purpose: The intent of the AAS curriculum is to allow students maximum flexibility in the selection of subject matter. Students may pursue a curriculum focus in automotive technology, operation or maintenance of heavy equipment, engine specialist (gasoline and diesel) or other combinations of courses to meet their interests and career objectives.

Consult the program page of the field you wish to specialize in for the appropriate Tool List.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of this program will have a multi-faceted background enabling them to pursue employment in the field of their choice.

Program Educational Outcomes: Upon completion of the Associate in Applied Science Degree in the Mechanical Technology program, the graduate is prepared to:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits in compliance with industry standards set forth by the mechanical technology area of their concentration.
  • Qualify for employment in a variety of areas of mechanical technology, depending on his/her areas of study.

Automotive Contact

Ron O’Brien
Automotive Instructor/Department Chair