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Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Academic support at Trio Student Support Services We know that starting out in college can be a BIG transition, and TRIO is here to help!

TRIO Student Support Services is a prestigious program serving highly motivated students to achieve their college goals. Apply today to become a TRIO Scholar!

How to Become a TRIO Scholar

Apply through the student portal:  APPLY ONLINE

(You must be logged into the portal to access our application.)


Finding TRIO SSS on the portal:

Log into the portal

Click on the Academics tab

Click on “TRIO SSS” from the left hand menu options


Program Benefits

The following 7 minute video, will introduce you to the program.

TRIO Student Support Services can help answer your questions!

  • How will you arrange your schedule so that you have enough time to study and work while still finding time for some fun and relaxation?
  • Who will you turn to when you need extra help with a particularly challenging chapter or subject?
  • Which courses will you choose?
  • What are your career goals?
  • How much will your student loan payments be after graduation?

We want you to enjoy your time at WCCC. We want you to graduate on time and then, we want to help you transfer to a four-year college based on your goals.

Our services are offered FREE to TRIO Members* and include:

  • individual or small group tutoring
  • academic advising
  • career counseling
  • financial literacy education
  • setting up accommodations for a documented disability
  • advice about transferring to a four-year college
  • cultural trips
  • college fairs
  • seminars and workshops

*We are a federally-funded program serving 160 students each semester. If you are a first-generation college student, have modest means, and/or have a documented disability, you may be eligible to be a TRIO Member.


Nicole Nygren, TRIO SSS Director
(207) 454-1062

Pamela Feeney, Ph.D., TRIO Advisor / Transfer Counselor & Learning Specialist
(207) 454-1079

Liz Sullivan, Accessibility Specialist
(207) 454-1093 or 454-1022

Linda Shattuck, Administrative Specialist
(207) 454-1064

Fax Number: 207-454-1026