Automotive Services Excellence (ASE)

Testing is available on Friday’s only, from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. Testing is available by appointment only.

To schedule ASE testing you need to register and pay for the certification(s) you plan to take at the MyASE webportal.

Once you have done this email the Test Center Administrator at to schedule a test date and time. Please provide your ASE Eligibility number and full name with your request.

Please be aware that your test has set timings which includes time to sign-in and time to take an after exam survey. This is known as the maximum allowable time for your test. You can complete your test anytime before the maximum allowable time but the test center MUST give you all of your maximum allowable time. When looking to schedule appointments keep this in mind.  If your maximum allowable time is three hours the latest your test can be scheduled is 1:00 pm, as our test center closes at 4:00 pm.  Even if you believe you will finish the test in two hours, the test center MUST provide you the maximum allowable time.