January 16, 2015

adventure_tour_header_2Would you like to go on a safari to South Africa? Hike in Thailand? Fish in Alaska? Do volunteer work in Bolivia? Kayak in Labrador? Visit Europe and go on a Mediterranean cruise? Hike the Inca trail in Peru or sail to the Bahamas?  Maybe you are interested in becoming a park ranger and learn how to travel and find some great deals, too.  Washington County Community College’s Adventure Recreation and Tourism program would like to invite you to join them for a series of “Adventure Travels and Tips.”

These fascinating programs will take you vicariously to some of the most interesting and exciting places in the world.  You will be treated to some action packed presentations by folks who have “been there and done that!”

On January 26, Georgie Kendall will kick off the programming with her travels to the southern tip of Africa on safari with lions, giraffes, water buffalo and elephants. Through her experience you will learn to cina (cheena) dance a traditional Tshongan dance, jump off of perhaps THE highest bungy in the world and treat yourself to the freshest tropical fruit one can imagine!

The month of February there will be three presenters. On February 2, Tanya Rucosky an Education & Communications Manager for Downeast Lakes Land Trust will be on campus with Ed Nash to discuss their work for Médecins Sans Frontières all over South America and Africa and their living and working in foreign countries.  Tanya says “I’m not an extreme adventurer, I’m an extreme lifestyler”.  She will talk about how to travel and live overseas like a pro. Most of her talk will be about Thailand, where she lived for 3 years working for AusAID on HIV/AIDS projects as well as at UNESCAP on Landmines, and Australia.  Also on February 9, Meg Scheid of the National Park Service will describe her journey to becoming a park ranger at two of Maine’s three national park sites.  She will outline opportunities for employment with the US National Park Service.  On February 23rd Brett Lehigh will talk about his most recent trip with Habitat to Bolivia and to the Galapagos.

In March, Rob Lemmon will share his experience sea kayaking to Nain, Labrador circumnavigating South Aultsivik Island, the largest island in Labrador.  Also in March, the College’s very own Instructor Scott Fraser, with wife Stephanie Allard, and their two children Riley and Wren will do a presentation on their 7-month, 3000 nautical mile sailing journey from Florida, the Bahamas, and back to Maine during the winter of 2013/14.   Late in March, Chris Audet will do a presentation centered on how to travel to amazing places while still having two demanding careers.  Also how to differentiate between professional (guiding) travel and Travel for fun. It will include Nova Scotia, Alaska, the south east US and Hawaii not overlooking all we have here in Maine.

April presenters are Glen and Heather Henry, local business owners providing lodging for the eco-adventure tourist.  In their “downtime” they travel and experience adventures of their own. This year they spent most of November in Europe.  Every year, on a limited budget, they see the sights, experience every possible adventure available, and still come home with change in their pockets. This year’s adventure included four days in Paris, five nights in Rome and then a two week Mediterranean cruise where they explored the coasts of Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Monaco, France, and Spain. They will show you how you too can see the world and experience life outside of the United States for less that you can travel nationally!  Rounding out our presenters is Marianne Moore and Rob Brown.  They will share their exploration of the classic Inca Trail of Peru, through the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, surrounded by incredible landscapes and mountain scenery.

Everyone is welcome to attend some or all of these early evening events.  They are open to folks of all ages and will take place Monday evenings at 5:30 p.m. in the assembly room at the college. For more information call Tess at 454-2130. The college library has developed a link with dates, times and descriptions, please visit