Golden Rules Presentation to be held at WCCC

March 27, 2017

With political, social and religious divisions dominating the cycles of mainstream media, it can be easy to focus on how unalike we are from each other. Some believe there is a deeper, unifying truth to human existence, however – a truth that Lura Jackson invites the community to explore at a presentation of Common Threads: An Exploration of Golden Rules from Around the World, to be held at Washington County Community College.

Golden rules, or theories of reciprocity, are common to most religions and cultures, Jackson explains. “The fact that golden rules have generated independently in so many places indicates that they represent a kind of universal human ethical code.” An example of the most familiar Western golden rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

An alumna of WCCC, Jackson initially began researching golden rules as part of her graduate studies in the Peace and Reconciliation program at the University of Maine. The first version of the presentation was completed to meet the final requirements of a class unifying the application of technology with the pursuit of peace.

The multimedia presentation will cover a selection of highlighted golden rules, providing information on when they emerged, where they emerged, and relevant details of the culture or religion that generated them. Those who have seen parts of the presentation before commend it as being “restful and affirming”, “humanizing,” and “magnificent” in its ability to remind viewers of what unifies us as human beings.

The event is potluck and the community is encouraged to bring something to share. There will be soups, breads, and desserts on hand.

The presentation will be held in the Polar Den in the main building at WCCC on April 11th at 6 pm. Signs will be up to direct visitors. There is no cost to attend.