On Course is Here – Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Portal for Maine’s Community Colleges

March 23, 2021

WCCC is pleased to announce that Maine’s Community Colleges are launching On Course – our comprehensive, online dual and concurrent enrollment portal for high school students.

Maine public-school students, counselors, high schools, and Career and Technical centers will now be able to search for, apply for, and manage dual and concurrent enrollments across all seven community colleges and the public universities through one portal.  Enrollment for Summer 2021 is now open for high school students through OnCourse.

Take a College Course This Summer: 

To find and apply for a free college course at any of Maine’s Community Colleges visit https://oncourse.mccs.me.edu/   Students pay only for books and materials.* A summer college course may help you get a bit ahead for next year or catch-up in an area you missed.  Since most courses will be online, you will be able to fit this around your summer plans. See your school counselor or CTE advisor for more info and/or course suggestions.   *If eligible for Summer 2021 Aspirations Program.

For additional information, please visit our Start Early webpage.