WCCC Expands Access for Adult and Working Students

August 6, 2019

If you’re an adult looking to change or jumpstart your career, there’s never been a better time to come to Washington County Community College [WCCC]. In an effort to reach out to community members to help empower lives through education, WCCC is offering new scholarships to assist adults in financing their education.

Adults who are Maine residents and have previously taken some college classes at WCCC but didn’t finish their degree are eligible for a new Soaring Back scholarship. Those who qualify – meaning they left in good academic and financial standing two years or more ago – will receive $500 in the Fall semester and in the Spring semester, for a total of $1,000 if they continue to maintain good academic and financial standing.

The goal of the Soaring Back Scholarship, which gets its name from WCCC’s mascot the golden eagle, is to help former WCCC students in Washington County complete their degree. “We want adults to know that WCCC is here to help them finish their education and to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals,” Dr. Melvin Adams, Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services, said. There are many adults that have WCCC credits and need three to four classes to earn a certificate or associate degree. The new scholarships for adults provide financial stability for students wishing to enrich themselves through education and training.

Adults with no college credit interested in experiencing college can try a course worth up to three credits at no cost through the new Adult Experience Scholarship. Those who are interested should contact WCCC for more information on how to get registered. This scholarship is $500 and will cover the cost of books and associated course fees. WCCC is providing this scholarship as an “opportunity for adult students who have been out of work, who are new to WCCC, or who might want to retool or relearn, but who might be a little hesitant to jump back into college,” explains Dr. Melvin Adams. “This will help adults take that first step onto WCCC’s campus and know that we are here to support them.” Completing the application process and coming to campus can be an intimidating experience, Dr. Adams said, but once adult students arrive and see the support systems in place, the story changes. “We have one student that drove here four times to register for classes, but she just couldn’t get out of her car to start classes. She finally took that initial leap of faith and now she’s enrolled and thriving.”

Beyond financial support, WCCC is excited to provide additional adult student supports. “The transition back to college can be seen as difficult or a mystery,” Dr. Adams said. “We wanted to minimize that perception by providing dedicated services that focused on adult learners. We can help with returning to WCCC as well as assist with their success through the various supports in place to help students.” To further accommodate individuals working while taking classes, WCCC recently launched a large series of online, hybrid, and evening course options. WCCC is working to provide the option to complete some of our programs completely online including business management, entrepreneurship, and production technology.

With the lowest tuition in Maine at $94 a credit hour, students who attend WCCC, and are eligible for the full federal Pell Grant have their tuition and fees covered by the Pell Grant. And for many students, they have funds remaining to pay for textbooks and necessary supplies. WCCC’s promise to you is low tuition, scholarships, a flexible course schedule, and a campus community dedicated to your success. To learn more about WCCC’s programs, adult scholarships, or new online and hybrid offerings, visit wccc.me.edu/flexible, or call 454-1012 and speak with Nichole Cote, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Retention.