Educational Trip Leader


As of October 2022, Maine State Law requires that ETL Permit is mandatory when “an educational institution conducting an outdoor educational trip shall provide for every 12 trip participants at least one educational trip leader who holds a permit under this section and who is associated with the educational institution or a person who holds a guides license under this section“.



The FREE Educational Trip Leader (ETL) Program offered through Washington County Community College’s Outdoor Leadership Program equips participants with the knowledge, skill and certifications to meet the Educational Trip Leader Permit requirements recently enacted by the Maine State Legislature.






The ETL program at WCCC has been designed to allow students to customize their training to take only the components they need to meet State requirements.


The above modules can be combined in various configurations to yield 1-5 credits.


To qualify for the ETL permit, participants must do all of the following:

Be associated with an educational institution; and

Enroll in, and complete the OLP100 ETL Training Course; and

Enroll in the WFA Course or have a current WFA w/CPR certification card; and

Score a 70% or better on the ETL written exam (offered at the end of OLP090)



Participants who are leading canoe and sea kayak trips with their students may also select one of the following specific to their level of activity with their students:


ACA Canoe Instructor Course


ACA Kayak Touring Instructor Course





In addition to the ETL permit, participants will have the opportunity receive the following credentials:




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