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About this Professional Certificate

Mobile apps and smartphones are everywhere, with more people consuming media on phones than on laptops or other devices.  As a result, app development is becoming an increasingly important job function for a wide variety of companies. As an Android app developer, you have the opportunity to reach billions of people in a meaningful way—through apps on their phones and connected devices.

Any previous experience in software development is a benefit, though many Android developers don’t have a traditional technical background. While there is no programming experience required to take the Android Basics in Kotlin training, the Associate Android Developer Certification exam is designed to test the skills of an entry-level Android developer. To take this exam, you should have this level of proficiency, whether that’s through education, personal projects, or work experience.

The Associate Android Developer Certification provides end-to-end training, culminating in an industry-recognized certification. The certification exam can be done online from wherever you’re located and is performance-based—mirroring real-world developer tasks, like adding functionality to an app and fixing bugs in existing code.

After completing the Associate Android Developer Certification exam, you’ll receive a digital badge you can use to promote yourself to potential employers. You can include your digital badge in your email signature and share it on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

You’ll also be featured on the official Google Developers Certification Directory, which is searchable by employers, and have access to free resources, including interview tips, mock interviews, resume-building workshops, career coaching sessions, and more.






The Google Android Developer Training Program is broken down into the following units:


Unit 1: Kotlin Basics

  • Download and use Android Studio
  • Create and run a basic Android app on your computer
  • Display text and images in Android apps
  • Use numbers and functions in Kotlin


Unit 2: Layouts

  • Apply Material Design guidelines to add visual polish to an app
  • Represent data with lists and arrays in Kotlin
  • Display a scrollable list of text and images in an app
  • Calculate and display a result in an app based on user input
  • Use inheritance to implement a hierarchy of classes in Kotlin


Unit 3: Navigation

  • Launch an intent to start a new Activity
  • Navigate between Fragment destinations using the Jetpack Navigation component
  • Perform common operations on collections in Kotlin
  • Use data binding with LiveData to update your UI automatically when the underlying data changes
  • Implement “Up” and “Back” custom behavior in an app


Unit 4: Connect to the Internet

  • Use coroutines and threads to write non-blocking concurrent code
  • Access the main thread to safely perform UI updates while performing tasks in the background
  • Use different concurrency patterns
  • Write code that interacts with network resources




The Google Android Developer training resources cover:

  • Kotlin basics
  • Layouts
  • Navigation
  • Connecting to the internet



Google Associate Android Developer Certification Exam:

For more information on testing requirements and application process, read below or click here


About the Google Associate Android Developer Certification Exam:

The Google Associate Android Developer Certification Exam is proctored by TrueAbility. TrueAbility is a Google vendor providing a platform for performance-based assessments.


Preparing to take the exam

Before registering, be sure to review the Requirements, Exam Content and FAQs for the Associate Android Developer exam located here.


Registering and entering ID and payment information

After you accept Terms and Conditions, you will purchase the exam, log in with a Google Account (if you do not have one, you will be able to create one during the login process), upload your picture ID (such as a driver’s license or passport), and provide payment information. The exam is priced at $149 USD.


Prepare for the exam

After payment and ID verification, you will proceed to Android Studio and install the custom Google Developers Certification plugin. Once you have installed the plugin and signed in with the account you used in the previous step, you will begin the exam. Detailed instructions will be provided before you start the exam.


Take the exam

After you download the plugin and sign in, your exam will be provided to you. You will have a maximum of eight hours to complete the exam. If you have not completed the exam after 8 hours, it will be auto submitted for you.


Submit the exam

Once your exam has been submitted, you may take a short break and then you will need to complete a 10–15-minute video “exit interview.” This exit interview will require you to have a working webcam and microphone and will be recorded for grading purposes.


Note: If you do not complete your exam within 8 hours and your exit interview within the allotted time, your submission will be auto-failed and you will be required to pay again to take the exam.


Receive your certification

After you have submitted your exam and completed your exit interview, it will be available for grading. Your exam will be graded using a combination of machine and human grading and will take up to 45 days. You will be notified when grading has been completed and may review the status of your submission on your Candidate Portal.





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