Certified Production Technology

In partnership with the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council and various statewide employers, WCCC is offering an online Certified Production Technician (CPT) Training Program.  

Courses are all online, are self-paced, and begin monthly. 

Successful completion results in a nationally-recognized certificate from the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council and prepares individuals for entry-level work in the manufacturing industry and/or entry into our one-year and Associate degree tracks in Production Technology with 13 credit hours of required coursework. 

This workforce training targets essential competencies to improve productivity and increase worker safety in the manufacturing industry. Topics include:

  • Safety
  • Process and production
  • Quality practices and measurement
  • Maintenance awareness
  • Green production

Course Cost: $1,595
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Electro-Mechanical Technology

In an effort to fill a large skill gap in advanced and high-tech manufacturing, WCCC has designed a full array of E&I courses. These courses can be delivered individually and onsite at the place of business or here on campus. 

Coursework consists of Programmable Logic Controls, Troubleshooting, Computer Electronics, Physics, and Instrumentation and provides the foundation for our Associate of Applied Science in Electromechanical Instrumentation Technology – a second year offering, complementary to our Residential and Commercial Electricity program. 

Courses may be customized to fit the needs of the business.

For more information and pricing, email