Maine Quality Centers

The Maine Quality Centers program offers workforce training grants to Maine employers interested in providing training for new or current employees.  For many employers, the grants can make it possible to strengthen the skills of your workforce at little or no cost.   Since it was created in 1994 by the state legislature, Maine Quality Centers program has provided training grants to hundreds of employers and expanded the skills of thousands of Maine workers.

How does it work?

Each situation is unique, so we work one-on-one with each employer to tailor a program that provides workers with the skills they need. That could be just a few weeks of basic safety training, or more elaborate programs that teach people how to operate heavy machinery or develop their management skills.

The Maine Quality Centers program also administers the MCCS  Put ME to Work program, which provides businesses and industry associations with half the start-up costs to create training programs for high-wage jobs. Participating employers must agree to hire successful program graduates and pay them at least $2.50 above minimum wage, or at or above the median wage for that occupation. 

For more information email or visit  Maine Quality Centers and Put ME to Work.