Student Assistance & Resources / CARES Act Information

At Washington County Community College we are committed to student success. The following are resources to help students.

Washington County Community College (WCCC) received funding from the federal CARES Act. CARES Act funding is provided to students with emergencies related to the COVID-19 disruption. Emergency funding may be available for housing/utilities, food insecurity, child care, health care, transportation, or technology for classes. Starting May 8, WCCC is accepting requests and will begin distributing CARES Act funds to eligible students the week of May 15.  To review information on CARES Act funding and to submit a request, please log-in to MyWCCC and click on the Financial Aid tab to complete the CARES Act form. It is important to access this application through the MyWCCC so it will be pre-populated with your student data. Please note funds are limited. If you need assistance completing the form or cannot access the form, please contact Student Services at (207) 454-1000. We urge you to apply for this funding to help offset expenses you incurred due to the campus disruption caused when your classes were moved to remote or online instruction. If you have questions regarding CARES Act emergency funding, please contact Linda Fitzsimmons, Director of Financial Aid, at or Melvin Adams, Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Services, at (207) 454-1000. UPDATE- May 26, 2020: Please note that the application is closed at this time. 

Caring Cupboard
The Caring Cupboard (food pantry) continues to operate on a limited basis. WCCC is providing boxed food kits for curbside pickup. To schedule a food pickup, please contact Bernadette.
Bernadette Farrar, Student Navigator
(207) 454-1086

Counseling Services
WCCC provides referrals to Aroostook Mental Health and Counseling (AMHC) for students who need access to mental health services.
Nichole Cote, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Retention
(207) 454-1012

Crisis Services
To speak with a trained crisis clinician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call the Maine Crisis Line.
Opportunity Alliance: Sweeter’s Mobile Crisis Services

Disability Services and Accommodations
Students with questions about disability services or accommodations, can contact the Accessibilites Specialist.
Elizabeth Sullivan
(207) 454-1093

Emergency Assistance and Funding
WCCC offers programs to support students with emergencies and unforeseen circumstances (financial, energy, transportation, housing, medical, technology, and etc.).
Bernadette Farrar, Student Navigator
(207) 454-1086

Financial Aid
Financial Aid can provide assistance with various questions and guide you to information on current state and federal initiatives to assist students. You can check the Federal Student Aid website for more information on federal initiatives such as forbearance for students loans and no interest on federal loans.
Linda Fitzsimmons, Director of Financial Aid
(207) 454-1033

Information Technology
WCCC offers technical support for students.
Information Technology
Robert Finn, Information Systems Specialist III
(207) 454-1011

Library OnLine Resources
WCCC Library is providing information and links to resources for online learning. Resources include access to free digital books, articles, and magazines.
Elizabeth Phillips, Library Director
(207) 454-1050

TRIO & Tutoring
The Study Center and TRIO tutors will be available by phone, email, and Zoom technology. For more information on tutoring and TRIO services, please review the Tutoring FAQs. Please note that WCCC is working on access to a 24/7 tutoring service for the fall of 2020.
Nicole Nygren, TRIO Director
(207) 454-1062

Washington County Family Resource Guide
The Washington County Family Resource Guide provides information on childcare, housing, social services, and much more.