Outdoor Adventure Center

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We’re OPEN for adventure! 

The OAC is a tremendous resource for WCCC students and community members, offering low- or no-cost rentals of outdoor equipment.

Email OAC@wccc.me.edu or call 207-454-1060 to make an appointment.


OAC Statement

Unfortunately, some misinformation is circulating in media sources regarding the Washington County Community College’s Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC).

The College has not closed the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) and the Center resources remain available to WCCC students and community members.  The OAC has a wide range of outdoor equipment for enjoying outdoor educational opportunities in the area.

Some summer events at the Center were cancelled due to low enrollments.  The College has ended fulltime staffing at the Center, and visitors may access the Center by appointment.  To make an appointment, please email oac@wccc.me.edu or call (207)454-1060.

Due to financial losses incurred over the past four years, the OAC is returning to our prior mode of operations that served our community well for over a decade.  The Center’s primary function is to provide students with hands-on experiential learning that supports their education and degree attainment.   The College is proud to continue offering the Center’s outdoor adventure resources to the public to promote community health within our region, and the Center remains a strong partner of our local youth, schools, and partner organizations.


OAC Mission

The Outdoor Adventure Center’s mission at Washington County Community College is a place where community happens through adventure programming with people growing and collectively interacting with the natural world. It is a hub to foster collaboration among regional partners, learning, and fun for people of all ages. We provide resources to promote community wide health and wellness through adventure activities. Scroll down to find more about how we formed the OAC mission.

Goals of the OAC Mission are to:

    1. Provide genuine outdoor leadership learning opportunities for WCCC students
    2. Improve recruitment, retention, and quality of student life at WCCC
    3. Increase quality outdoor recreational opportunities for surrounding communities
    4. Develop a unique, sustainable program model at the community college level
    5. Promote responsible, sustainable recreational use of natural resources through environmental stewardship

Core Values

  • Have Fun/Be Fair: provide a fun, engaging and equal opportunity for everyone
  • Be Safe: think before you act, recognize risk and proceed to manage it as necessary
  • Be Here: be grounded and present during all activities
  • Take Care of Self and Others: Live truthfully, be responsible of your own actions
  • Let Go and Move On: We embrace failure, be tolerant, be patient
  • Be Environmentally Connected: Embrace Leave No Trace principles in everyday activities
  • Community: Play, work and volunteer for community growth through shared adventure