Challenge Ropes Course

OAC COVID-19 Update

Challenge Course/Ropes Course in Calais, Maine. WCCC’s Outdoor Adventure Center offers team building and professional development programs on the challenge ropes course for any team or group. If you are unable to make it to our campus, we will come to you! Make you reservation with us now!

What is a Challenge Ropes Course?

A challenge ropes course is a mixture of mental, emotional and physical challenges requiring group to perform as a team to accomplish designated goals. Through a series of fun and unusual scenarios, participants learn beneficial information about themselves, each other, and the group. At the Outdoor Adventure Center, our custom team building programs are designed to best fit the needs of each group to form a team in which performs at a much higher level. Because we use our ropes course as a powerful tool working with different value systems such as;

– Fosters group communication and decision making skills;

– Strengthens creative problem-solving skills;

– Increases self-confidence and self-worth;

– Encourages resiliency.

– Cultivates mutual support and trust;

– Creates a sense of community.

The Outdoor Adventure Center receives training by Project Adventure, one of the leading Challenge Course organizations in the industry. To learn more about programs on a challenge course, click here.

What kind of groups?

Outdoor Adventure Center works with all ages and experience because we want this to be available for the entire community. Sports teams, classroom groups, university students, business teams and organizations. We like to accommodate group sizes from 8 to 40 on our challenge ropes course.


Low Rope Challenge: Communication

Participants work together to cross the Low Ropes Course Element.

Challenge Course Program Types

Rates are determined by group type

A. Public School/Youth Group

B. College/University Group

C. Non-Profit/Military Group

D. Corporate/Business Group

*Programs are based around the Core Values of the OAC.

Mobile Programming

We will make the trip to your business, organization or school for your specific program. Facilitators bring props and equipment for many fun and engaging games, initiatives and activities. In addition, we follow the same principles as we would on our challenge course aiming to get the group to perform at a higher functioning team than before. Book now!

4 or 8 hour programming is available plus additional travel cost of $.60/mile.

2-Hour Challenge Ropes Course Program

For example, a 2-Hour program consists of group norming through interactive games setting the tone and establishing guidelines before entering on the low ropes course. Participants will be face with at least two specific scenarios catering to their pre-determined goals for the group. Individuals will establish personal goals through the program. Each program is based on challenge by choice, allowing individuals to step away from the challenge at any point.

A. $180 min. 11+ppl $12/pp

B. $250 min. 11+ppl $15/pp

C. $350 min. 11+ppl $20/pp

D. $450 min. 11+ppl $24/pp

High Rope Scenic View

Looking over the St. Croix River into St. Stephen, New Brunswick at top of High Ropes Course.

4-Hour Challenge Ropes Course Program

Similarly, a 4-Hour program will have a combination of low and high rope challenges, each building onto one another covering specific values and themes determined by the group. Skill level and ability will be assessed to match the challenge ensuring appropriate engagement and participation. Participants will learn how to safely lower their fellow members from 20’ high holding onto their climbing rope. Each session ends with a reflection period to recap the experience and how they plan on implementing what they learned back into their real life, job, or next endeavor as a group.

Low Ropes: Whale Watch

Participants work together to balance the Whale Watch as a team.

Full-Day Custom Program

Full-Day programs have an option of staying on the challenge course the entire day or add in mini adventures by kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, trail or inter-tidal zone hikes. Each of these adventures incorporates the specific goals continued from the challenge course experience.

A. $650 min. 11+ppl $12/pp

B. $900 min. 11+ppl $15/pp

C. $1100 min. 11+ppl $20/pp

D. $1300 min. 11+ppl $24/pp

Teamwork on High Ropes Course

Students assist each other to the top of the pole.

Zip-line Evenings

Do you want an exciting outdoor experience near by? Spend an evening overlooking the St. Croix River into St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada on our 300’ long zip-line. Participants will have a chance to do 1-2 zips per session.

2hr – 6-10 people, $12/person

Zip-line Winter Sunset

Student about to step off of the zipline platform.


Bring List 

Participants should bring their personal water bottle, insect repellent and sunscreen, comfortable athletic clothes that may get dirty, and closed toe shoes that stay on your feet. Without proper footwear, you will not be allowed on our course. Completed liability releases sent to via email.

Weather Considerations 

Major weather systems containing heavy rain and wind will be rescheduled. Slight rain or snow will not be rescheduled. If you have questions concerning the weather prior to the program, please call at 207.454.1060.

What if I bring more or less people than what I reserved?

Decrease in group size:

Groups may decrease the number of participants up to 48hours prior to their program and receive a refund of the difference.

Decrease to group numbers made after the 48hour deadline will be charged based on the number of participants originally reserved.

Increase in group size:

Participant safety is our utmost concern. In order to ensure proper staffing ratios based on group size, the group contact should notify the Outdoor Adventure Center Coordinator of any increase t original group size as soon as possible.

If we are able to accommodate a larger group, the group will receive an updated invoice/bill. Payment of the balance must be processed within 1 business week.


Cancellation requires 48 hours’ notice prior to the program and will receive a full refund or may transfer their payment to a future program (within 1 year of original program date). No refunds/reschedule inside 48-hour window to the program.

In the event that WCCC is closed or closes on the date(s) of event, all activities scheduled through the Outdoor Adventure Center, as well as off-site events led by Challenge Course facilitators will be cancelled. If this situation occurs, the group will be contacted with rescheduling or refund information.

Physical Limitations

Please be aware that our harnesses expand to a maximum of 44 inches in order to maintain a safe weight limit of 300 lbs.