High School Canoe Camp

This 5 day entry level canoe camp will provide campers with the knowledge and practical experience how to travel and prepare for a tandem canoe outing. The group will be led by a at least one Registered Maine Guide and an assistant guide. Students will use safe paddling practices, canoe terminology, various maneuvers in a tandem canoe, flat water rescues, pack a canoe for an outing, LNT principles and much more.


Capacity: 10

Age: 14-17

Price: $150

August 5: 9a – 3p meet at Keene’s Lake

  • ½ day orientation to a canoe and paddle terminology, swim test
  • ½ day getting in and out of boats, rescues, basic canoe strokes

August 6: 9a – 3p

  • ½ day review, safety briefings, float plan and how to manage risk
  • ½ day simple maneuvers, add canoe strokes and drills

August 7: 9a – 3p

  • ½ day portage techniques, throw ropes
  • ½ day navigation and strategies to combat wind, waves, weather, water

August 8: 9a – 3p

  • ½ day drills, putting skills to the test
  • ½ day practice rescues and increase level of stroke difficulty

August 9: 9a – 3p

  • ½ day strategies for packing a canoe

½ day putting everything together