Earn Free College Credit While Exploring the Natural History of Downeast Maine

Combining lab-based science with outdoor leadership – Registration Extended!  NEW DATES!

This 4-week summer program combines lab-based science and outdoor activities in a summer day camp atmosphere. Students will participate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10am-3pm from July 27 to August 19, 2021 on the WCCC campus. A light packed lunch will be provided.

This program is designed for high school juniors and seniors and will award credit in Field Natural History, a 4-credit college science course.

Students will spend the majority of their time in the outdoors exploring and learning about both science and the outdoor environment.

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ENV 110 – Field Natural History

Students will enroll in ENV 110, a 4 credit hour course that will emphasize field and laboratory studies of the diversity and richness of habitats found in Maine. Examination of the interplay between living and non-living systems within fresh water, marine and terrestrial environments will be the focus of these studies. Students will appropriately use basic field and laboratory equipment to conduct environmental investigations and write suitable technical (lab) reports regarding their investigations.

Going beyond the classroom to EXPERIENTIAL learning in the outdoors

                    Course Outcomes                                     Beyond the Classroom

  • Identify and apply basic concepts of biology, evolution, and ecology to the natural world.
  • Recognize the major taxonomic groups of plants and animals and their natural history.
  • Explain the interdependence of living organisms.
  • Identify common trees, shrubs, flowers, animals, and marine organisms found in Maine.
  • Practice the characteristics of environmental stewardship.
  • Use basic field and laboratory equipment to conduct environmental investigations.
  • Investigate, evaluate, and report on environmental concepts and theories in a laboratory and controlled outdoor setting.


  • This experiential learning course will be delivered through outdoor science lab and outdoor leadership experiences that will provide a more activity-based version of our general ENV 110 course delivered indoors in a classroom.
  • Students will explore the adventures of being outdoors and be immersed in exciting leadership development through participation in kayaking, challenge ropes course, ziplining, and more.